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What Special Needs Parents Should Know about Special Needs Dentistry

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if you have a special needs child, you probably face quite a few challenges in meeting his or her dental care needs. Working with an experienced special needs dentist can help reduce the roadblocks to pediatric oral care. At Little Pearls Dentistry for Children, we offer comprehensive dental services for special-needs children in Loudoun County. We invite you to visit our facility, meet our team, and learn more about our special needs dentistry services.


Special needs dentistry is designed to treat children and teens with physical, behavioral, emotional, or cognitive special needs. Special needs children often need greater patience, understanding, and attention to help them feel comfortable receiving dental care. Special needs pediatric dentists have the training and skills to provide that care.

Dr. Michael Gazori has experience treating children on the autism spectrum, Down Syndrome, ADHD, speech impediments, cerebral palsy, and other genetic and developmental issues. We focus on personalizing your child’s treatment plan to help your child maintain good oral health.

Children with special needs are often prone to dental problems like decay, gum disease, dry mouth, and chronic bad breath due to difficulty keeping up with their dental hygiene. Your special needs child may also suffer from dental defects due to their condition, such as:

  • Missing teeth
  • Severe malocclusion
  • Weak or malformed teeth
  • Delayed tooth eruption

and other anomalies that require specialized dental care. Dr. Gazori can offer valuable counsel on managing these and other dental issues to improve your child’s oral health. We’ll also provide tips on dental tools and techniques to help establish a good oral care routine at home.


We recommend introducing special needs children to dental care as early as possible so they can get acquainted with us and establish a relationship with our team. By the time your child is one year old, he or she should have a dental “home” for receiving routine care. If your child is older and has never been to the dentist, that’s perfectly okay. We’re equipped to work with children of all ages. Working together we can help relieve dental fear, develop trust, and hopefully avoid any significant dental health problems.


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At Little Pearls Dentistry for Children, we strive to give our special needs patients positive dental experiences so they will be happy to return for future visits. One of our primary goals is to help the child understand and feel that going to the dentist is a normal part of life and that it can, and should be, a comfortable experience.


Special needs children should receive high quality dental care services by trained professionals who understand how to meet their needs. To learn more about special needs dentistry services in Lansdowne, contact Dr. Michael Gazori at Little Pearls Dentistry for Children at (571) 601-2080.