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Composite Dental Fillings

Preserve Natural Teeth And Support Healthy Oral Development With Composite Dental Fillings

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, of which our specialists are members, reports that Early Childhood Caries (ECC) is the most common disease affecting children. This form of tooth decay is more prevalent than hay fever, obesity, asthma, and diabetes. Dr. Mike and the other pediatric dentists at Little Pearls Dentistry for Children in Lansdowne, Virginia, work closely with patients, their parents, and caregivers to prevent cavities and other damage caused by progressive, destructive tooth decay. In this manner, the health and structure of the teeth are preserved during a child’s formative developmental years. However, should damage to the teeth arise, composite dental fillings may be recommended to quickly halt the process of decay, reverse its effects, and preserve the natural teeth and supportive tissues.



“Composite” refers to the dental material that is used to rebuild damaged portions of the teeth. It is a type of resin or plastic. Composites may be formulated with glass-like particles to best “mimic” the natural appearance of tooth enamel. Unlike silver-colored amalgam fillings made from a combination of metals, composite resin is a non-metal material. It is appropriate for patients with sensitivities to metals. So, it is very safe and tissue-friendly (biocompatible).

Additionally, the resin is matched precisely to the surrounding tooth structure and the rest of the teeth in your smile. It looks natural and pleasing to the eye. Children can continue to smile confidently, without embarrassment.


The process of repairing a cavity with a filling at Little Pearls Dentistry for Children is also straightforward, efficient, and gentle. There is no better tooth structure than natural tooth structure. In turn, conservative restorations support the most natural appearance and optimal biting and chewing function. They are also incredibly strong and durable. Such fillings are an exceptional value and a great investment in your child’s health and smile.

Generally, damaged areas of the tooth are removed. Then, the color-matched composite resin is applied as a pliable material, and in layers, to the prepared natural tooth. Each layer is hardened to promote the most secure bond between the tooth and filling. Lastly, the tooth is polished.

Composite fillings relieve pain and other symptoms of tooth decay. They also promote healthy oral and overall development. Call us at (571) 601-2080 to schedule an appointment at Little Pearls Dentistry for Children. We are happy to discuss treatment options and ways to ensure your child’s utmost comfort and relaxation.