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Preparing For Your Child’s First Visit

Our goals

We have three goals for a child’s first visit. First, one of our fundamental core principles is to create an environment in which kids and parents feel safe. Second, we want parents to be completely satisfied that any concerns about their child’s dental health and our care of him or her are fully appreciated and addressed. Third, we want kids to consider preventive dental health to be a part of a normal, healthy lifestyle that will carry with them into adulthood.

How you can help

  • Begin dental care early. By following a preventive strategy you can hopefully prevent your child from developing cavities at a young age, when treatment is usually more challenging. Studies show that children who visit the dentist early generally are less anxious than those who start later.
  • Practice good oral hygiene and dietary practices in front of your children so they learn to value those behaviors.
  • Read books about dental health and visiting the dentist. Some of our favorites are, “Dora Goes to the Dentist”, “Sugar Bug Doug”, “Maisy, Charlie, and the Wobbly Tooth”, “How Many Teeth?”, and “Elmo Visits the Dentist.”
  • Resist expressing your own fears or anxieties about visiting the dentist in front of your child. Your child will pick up on even subtle vibes you are putting out. Strive to make all discussions positive. 
  • Pretend play with your child and allow him or her to brush your teeth and be the dentist. Amazon carries play dentist kits as well as dentist-themed Play Doh kits that will help remove fear of the unknown.
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