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Meet Our Pediatric Dental Team in Loudoun County


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I have always felt children are gifts to be valued and appreciated for their special nature and innocence. I have always loved connecting with each child to make their dental experiences and health the best they can possibly be. I view pediatric dentistry as an opportunity to truly care for children, taking into account all of their medical, dental, development, and emotional needs.

I was fortunate to attend the University of Washington in Seattle for my Doctorate of Dental Surgery (GO DAWGS!). After graduating in 1989, I practiced general dentistry for 14 years. In 2003 I returned to school at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., to pursue further education in my true interest, the care of children.

I am intrigued with new research and work being done in the prevention and treatment of dental disease especially with the use of more natural therapies. I feel the role of a dentist should extend well beyond the current clinical model and should incorporate the most current concepts in prevention, restoration, and maintenance. I love refining our team’s practice of pediatric dentistry as we continue learning about pediatric dentistry, prevention of disease, and child development.

I have never believed that dental treatment is inherently painful or that it is an uncomfortable ordeal that must be endured. My team and I embrace the concept of treating children as individuals, with the same care and respect we would give our own children. It is remarkable to me that members of our team come from such different backgrounds, and yet we all work together so well for the common goal of caring for our patients. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a great team.


From a young age, Dr. Lara has been passionate about working with children. Pursuing
a career as a pediatric dentist was a natural fit, combining her aspiration for teaching
and working within the medical profession. 

After graduating from dental school, Dr. Lara completed her fellowship in restorative
dentistry at Case Western Reserve University. She then went on to complete her
residency and Master’s degree in pediatric dentistry at the University of Michigan, the
#1 dental school in the US (Go Blue!), where she stayed on staff in the Department of
Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. She then went on to become a board-certified
pediatric dentistry. She then moved to Virginia to be closer to her then-newborn niece
and nephew (they’re twins!). Today, she is a proud mother to Lana and Ramzi, which
has only strengthened her commitment to providing the highest quality care for infants
and youth. Being a mom has also provided her with a deeper understanding of how to
effectively communicate and relate to children as well as prioritizing engagement with
her patients’; parents during every stage of the diagnosis and treatment process. 

Dr. Lara is fluent in English, Arabic, and French. She enjoys traveling and volunteering,
particularly in the context of treating children in fragile situations and underserved
communities. She is honored to have been voted the best pediatric dentist in Loudoun
County by Posh magazine.

Dr. Breanna Donald

Hello, I’m Dr. Bre! I love working with children of all ages and backgrounds and I strive to marry clinical excellence with playfulness in my practice of pediatric dentistry. My aim is to bring kindness and compassion to address every individual child’s needs and comfort level in the dental chair. I believe that everything is connected: habit formation, learning, and joy in and outside of the dental clinic. I see pediatric dentistry as one avenue to becoming the ultimate influencer, shaping behavior in ways that may trickle into many aspects of a child’s life.

Originally from Centennial, Colorado, I have since lived on both coasts and went to high school in Northern Virginia. After undergrad at Georgetown University, I explored other areas of the East Coast: completing dental school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, followed by a rigorous two-year residency program at Boston Children’s Hospital/ Harvard School of Dental Medicine. My training culminated with earning my board-certification around the same time as family drew me back south to the Northern Virginia area. 

My adventurous spirit fuels all aspects of my life: I have checked all 50 states off my bucket-list and similarly adore exploring destinations around the world. In the future, I hope to expand my involvement in global oral health, building off of previous field-work in dentistry in both Thailand and Guatemala.


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The Little Pearls team is committed to excellence in every aspect of pediatric dentistry. Each and every team member is specially trained to provide comforting care to every patient, eliminating the fear many children face when going to the dentist. You can rest easy knowing that your child is in good hands, and that they’ll love their dental visits, every time!

Our team is proud to serve all children in Lansdowne and the surrounding Loudoun County areas.


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My favorite part of working at LPD is being able to interact with the kids and watch them grow. I’ve been here for the past 12 years and I’ve seen babies who are now teens and other kids who have gone off to college and even gotten married. It’s also great to be able to educate both the children and parents with dental hygiene and diet to give them optimal dental health. I also enjoy helping kids overcome their fears and anxiety.

I love working with my teammates. We all have fun personalities and we support and learn from each other every day. I’m a transplant from Washington state so I love the gray rainy days! I have two beautiful grown daughters and a cat.

FUN FACT: I love Zumba!


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I love working with younger children and showing them that going to the dentist isn’t scary, that it can actually be an enjoyable experience. It’s amazing to see the difference in behavior between dental appointments when a child starts out apprehensive and eventually grows to love coming to the dentist.

Obviously, Dr. Mike is the best boss, and no, he did not pay me extra to say this. I love the team we have here at Little Pearls, it’s like a second family to me. We all have each other’s backs. Most importantly, there is never an absence of laughter and smiles when we work together.

I enjoy spending time outside in my vegetable garden. I love going to concerts and listening to live music in addition to collecting vinyl records. My family has two cats named Charlie and Lola, and one dog named Hummus, like the dip.



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My favorite part of working at LPD is helping kids overcome their fear of taking x-rays.
It’s always so rewarding seeing the smiles on their faces after realizing they finally did it! There is no better team than the one at LPD. We’re more of a family than a team,
always ensuring that we’re helping one another. Working with Dr. Mike means always
having to close the cabinets after him, so he doesn’t bang his head. Sometimes going to
work is more fun than staying at home. That should explain the office’s environment.

I’m working on becoming a dental hygienist and possibly coming back if Dr. Mike is
hiring one (wink, wink).

I would call myself a “gymrat” since I enjoy staying fit by going to
the gym regularly. Then I end my nights with some videogames.


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I love working with my team because everyone here is like a family. Another thing I love is that laughter is always present between us. There is never a dull moment here at LPD!

My favorite of working at LPD is seeing the kids and interacting with them. I’ve always knew I wanted to work with kids, going back to my high school days when I worked with kids in an early childhood class.

I love seeing the kids’ smiles at the end of their appointments when they are picking out their

FUN FACT: I am from Sudan!


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I love working at LPD since it feels like I’m always learning something new. I really like working with kids in such a fun, uplifting environment. All the doctors and teammates bring such a positive, welcoming energy and we all work together well to provide a successful workday. I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and a puppy named Pepper. I love spending time with my family, going on walks and adventures/hikes in nature.

FUN FACT: My favorite store is Target and my favorite color light purple