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At Little Pearls Dentistry for Children in Lansdowne, Virginia, we are able to expertly diagnose “tots” with TOTS (tethered oral tissues). Dr Mike has received extensive advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of TOTS. Although we do not currently provide treatment for this condition, we are able to expertly diagnose concerns and give appropriate referrals as necessary.

Problems that can arise with TOTS include:

  • Difficulties with breastfeeding, resulting in nutritional deficiencies during the formative years, and possibly resulting in decreased bonding between mother and child 
  • Frequent spit up which may be improperly diagnosed as acid reflux
  • Speech delays and difficulty to pronounce words correctly and clearly 
  • Painful swallowing
  • Slow and/or picky eating
  • Sleep-disordered breathing and possible changes to jaw growth due to mouth breathing
  • Narrow upper jaw, gaps between teeth, misalignment, and other abnormalities of the jaw. 



Is your child suffering from the possible effects of TOTS? Schedule an appointment at LPD by calling (703) 726-3030. We will accurately evaluate your child to determine the best way to address the presence and appropriate care for TOTS.