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Digital X-Rays

Pediatric Dentistry With Safe, Gentle And Precise Digital Dental X-Rays For Kids

The doctors at Little Pearls Dentistry for Children specialize in the care of children’s mouths. Led by Dr. Mike, these dentists treat pediatric patients only. They have received additional specialty training in pediatric dentistry beyond the training completed by their general dentist peers. This training and experience provide peace of mind to parents that all of the products, treatments, techniques, and technologies that we use at our office in Lansdowne, Virginia, are safe, healthy, and appropriate for kids.


This type of x-ray is ideal for children. Digital x-rays (radiography) use specialized sensors to “scan” the teeth, bones, and jaws. “Conventional” radiography or x-rays are film-based, which requires greater radiation to record the image.

Since digital x-rays do not require the use of films to capture images of the mouth, this technology offers many benefits for children:

  • It is non-invasive and gentle – no sharp edges that can cut into soft tissues !
  • Due to this easy approach, even fidgety, fearful children or those with special needs tolerate this diagnostic alternative to standard x-rays well.
  • We can capture images immediately. The less time our pediatric patients spend “chairside,” the better the experience. 
  • It is safe. Depending on the exact system used, digital x-rays are associated with up to 80 to 90% less radiation exposure than their conventional counterparts. 
  • Advanced digital systems are known for rendering precise, clear images. Our treatment at LPD is only as effective as the accuracy of our diagnosis. Clear radiographs that can be manipulated to see subtle beginning decay inform our diagnoses and gives us the opportunity to implement preventive and healing strategies.

At LPD we follow the Image Gently philosophy for taking radiographs. First, we make an assessment of the need for diagnostic radiographs. Frequently we find radiographs are not necessary, for example of teeth that are spaced apart, or in a child who has demonstrated a low risk for cavities. We don’t take radiographs simply as a matter of routine or “policy”. Second, we utilize digital radiology and safe practices to minimize exposure to radiation. Third, we ensure through regular testing that all machines are working properly and within correct guidelines.

Diagnostic radiographs can be indispensable for catching problems early such as early stage caries (cavities) and improper eruption of permanent teeth.

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