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Digital X-Rays

Pediatric Dentistry With Safe, Gentle And Precise Digital Dental X-Rays For Kids


At LPD we follow the Image Gently philosophy for taking radiographs. First, we make an assessment of the need for diagnostic radiographs. Frequently we find radiographs are not necessary, for example of teeth that are spaced apart, or in a child who has demonstrated a low risk for cavities. We don’t take radiographs simply as a matter of routine or “policy”. Second, we utilize digital radiology and safe practices to minimize exposure to radiation. Third, we ensure through regular testing that all machines are working properly and within correct guidelines.


Digital x-rays (radiographs) are ideal for children. Since digital x-rays do not require the use of film, this technology offers many benefits.

  • It is generally more comfortable since there are not the sharp edges associated with x-ray film.
  • The image is available immediately. This means less retakes and less waiting around for films to be processed.
  • It is safe. Digital x-rays typically result in 80-90% less radiation that conventional x-rays.
  • Through the use of advanced imaging software we are able to manipulate the images, helping us see subtle beginning decay inform our diagnoses and gives us the opportunity to implement preventive and healing strategies.
  • Better for the environment! Conventional x-rays require the use chemicals to process the film. There’s no need for this with digital x-rays.

The doctors at Little Pearls Dentistry for Children specialize in the care of children’s mouths. Led by Dr. Mike, these dentists treat pediatric patients only. They have received additional specialty training in pediatric dentistry beyond the training completed by their general dentist peers. This training and experience provide peace of mind to parents that all of the products, treatments, techniques, and technologies that we use at our office in Lansdowne, Virginia, are safe, healthy, and appropriate for kids.