Just like with you and other “grown-ups,” your child will get on a schedule of professional cleanings and exams by one of our pediatric dentists every six months. During these check-ups, our skilled hygienists use specialized tools and techniques to clean your child’s teeth and gums gently and safely. This process helps to manage harmful bacteria, and to remove stubborn plaque (tartar or calculus). Your child’s dentist will also look for abnormalities that could indicate the presence of early-stage erosion or gum inflammation. Sophisticated technologies can also detect what cannot be seen with the eyes alone, and they do so in a way that minimizes exposure to radiation (from X-rays) and that is non-invasive and gentle. So, your child has a comfortable and pleasant experience!

Depending on his or her needs, age, and other factors, we may recommend preventive services such as fluoride supplementation and dental sealants. Both services are safe, easy, and effective ways to retain tooth strength and to prevent tooth decay.

Now that you have sunk your teeth into a few of our preventive products and techniques, we encourage you to visit us in person. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We also have advanced training and experience working with children with special needs. We look forward to meeting your “little pearl”!